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The APAA Recognized Group of Japan, as one of the founding groups within the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, works both to support the cooperative activities of the APAA, and to organize local activities for members within Japan.

As of April 8, 2016, membership of the Recognized Group of Japan included 664 individuals and one special group member, the Japan Patent Attorneys Association.

President's message

APAA Japan group President

The Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA), voluntarily established by patent attorneys of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan in 1969, has now grown to include 24 countries and regions and have over 2,300 members due to the expansion and spread of intellectual property systems in Asian countries. APAA Japan Group (APAA JAPAN) consisting of Japanese patent attorneys who are members of the APAA was established in 1970. Since then, as the leading group having the largest number of members, APAA JAPAN has supported APAA's activities for over 50 years by producing past presidents, officers, and chairpersons of various committees of the APAA, and successfully holding general assemblies and council meetings of the APAA at various locations in Japan. Further, APAA JAPAN has performed our own activities such as the issuance of publications titled "Oshirase [Notifications]" and "Journal" on a regular basis, holding of lecture meetings or seminars, interaction and cooperation with other recognized groups of the APAA, and intellectual property-related government offices and other organizations, and the research and studies of intellectual property systems and operation thereof in other Asian countries.

In recent years, the intellectual property system and operation thereof are becoming more important with the economic development in countries across the world, and this trend is expected to become stronger especially in Asian countries in the future. After the 3rd and 4th industrial revolutions, intellectual property laws contributing to industrial development has come to widely and deeply involve general intellectual property laws, and include copyright law, unfair competition prevention law, plant variety protection and seed law, geographical indication law, IT law, fashion law, and entertainment law, in addition to patent law, design law, and trademark law. Further, companies which are the main users of the intellectual property system are expanding their intellectual property-related business to acquisition and utilization of intellectual properties and resolution of intellectual property-related disputes by adopting open innovation and/or open and close strategy, in addition to the creation of intellectual properties, acquisition of intellectual property rights and maintenance thereof, filing of objections, and requests for trials.

In such changing circumstances, missions and tasks given and assigned by the APAA, the sole international organization by patent attorneys relating to intellectual property rights across Asia, to APAA JAPAN, the largest and main group of the APAA, are very important. I, as the president of APAA JAPAN, will make an effort to perform the missions and tasks of APAA JAPAN with the cooperation and support of all members and related parties. I would like to request all members and related parties to continue to support and cooperate with APAA JAPAN's activities.

President, APAA JAPAN



• Kei IIDA

• Michiko UJI
• Satoshi KABASAWA
• Yoshihiko KIDO
• Yukei MIZUNO

• Hiromichi AOKI
• Kiyoshi ASAMURA
• Kei IIDA
• Nobuyuki IIDA
• Shigeru INABA
• Yasutaka IWAMOTO
• Michiko UJI
• Kunihiko OHASHI
• Yuzuru OKABE
• Takao OCHI
• Hirohito KATSUNUMA
• Satoshi KABASAWA
• Kazuhiko KIDO
• Yoshihiko KIDO
• Taeko KUNUGI
• Masashi KUROSE
• Yasuyuki KUROSE
• Junko SAITO
• Yuriko SAGARA
• Nobuyoshi SAKURAGI
• Masakazu TAKAHASHI
• Tsutomu TAKEHARA
• Yoshikazu TANI
• Shigeyuki NAGAOKA
• Kazuhiro NAKATA
• Takahito HATAZOE
• Fumihiko HIROSE
• Daisaku FUJIKURA
• Takeshi FUJITA
• Tetsuya FUSE
• Tetsuhiro HORIE
• Takao MATSUI
• Minako MIZUNO
• Yukei MIZUNO
• Mamiko YOSHIDA

• Atsushi AOKI
• Tamotsu SANADA

• Koushi ESAKI
• Tetsuo SHIMIZU
• Saichi SUYAMA
• Yamato TSUTSUI
• Hiroyuki NIWA
• Mikio HATTA


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(5) IT Committee

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